It was just my opinion, based on personal professional experience, concerning the economic ramifications of repairing an old slate roof versus replacing same in my last post. But it is the customers opinion that counts. And the customers opinion was that the old slate had enough charm and added something to the asthetics of the house to warrant keeping and repairing the slate roof.


Even though it may have been close to half the cost of replacing the roof with new asphalt shingles, the homeowner opted to keep the old slate roofing material and just replace the stack flashing and repair the damaged slate shingles. The remodeling contractor removed the old pipe and lead flashing and installed new plumbing and a new PVC soil vent pipe through the roof. The contractor also supplied the aluminum and neoprene flashing as a lower cost alternative to a new lead full pipe flashing. Depending on the amount of exposure to sun the neoprene flashing receives, it should last fifteen to twenty years before the collar will need to be replaced or re sealed. As long as there is no storm damage, or careless painters walking on the roof, or other incidents, the slate roof should also last another fifteen to twenty years. Maybe longer.

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