About Us

About Us

for over 30 years... well I guess it's been more than that. For many years I have been working on some type of roof. From BUR (hot tar built up roof) to custom copper ornamental installation. In that time I have seen and repaired more roof mistakes and poorly installed roofing than I care to remember. 

And then, the internet. And again I see more mistakes and poor information from supposed roofers on the forums and chat rooms. Along with a multitude of regurgitated simplistic pr web articles that just touch the surface of what a homeowner needs to know when purchasing a new roof or roof repair.

Well myself, and a few others like me, hope to remedy that situation. And hopefully save you some roofing headaches, and leaks, in the process. 

On this site you can find how-to articles, information, illustrations and more on the proper installation of residential roofing. If we don't have the info we hope to be able to direct you to a professional website that does.

My name is Dennis M. Crookshanks. I have spent much of my life learning, researching and installing roofing. You can visit my personal roofing website at www.dmcroof.com .

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