Professional drip edge flashing installation on a slate roof to prevent water dripping behind a rain gutter.
Drip Edge | Gutter Flashing
Installing custom drip edge to prevent water dripping behind a gutter.Gutter drip edge to prevent water behind gutter.

Water stains, dirt, debris and dripping water behind a gutter are usually the result of poorly installed or missing drip edge. Most premade drip edge flashing at home improvement and roofing supply stores is only available in one or two sizes. This is fine for some houses, but often the rain gutters are hung at different heights and angles on the gutter board to facilitate proper drainage. This leads to a gap between the gutter and the drip edge, where rain can splash up against the gutter board and run behind the gutter. The rain water splashing up on this gutter board is not only causing unsightly streaks on the wood below, but it is also soaking the gutter board which will eventually lead to rotting of the wood. Even though the slate roofing shingles are extended past the gutter line properly, the water dripping off the roofing can be blown against the gutter board in high winds.
A professional roofer, with the proper tools and experience, will be able to fashion custom drip edge or gutter apron from sheet metal stock to prevent this problem. Custom fabricated on a professional metal bending brake, this new drip edge flashing protects the gutter board and prevents water from dripping behind the rain gutter.

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