Drip Edge

Drip edge is an essential part of a properly installed roofing system that will help to enhance the beauty of your home as well as protect it from leaks and water damage.Drip Edge installed on crown eave over ice guard

On the eaves of the home drip edge will protect the fascia or gutter board from wind blown rain and water splashing from the gutter on to the roof boards. It will also help to support roof shingles from drooping into the gutter or being broken from falling tree limbs.

On the rake or gable edges of the roof, it protects the wood trim and roof decking from wind blow rain and also protects the roofing shingles from being lifted up and torn off the roof by strong winds.

On the edges of the roof, drip edge will cover the uneven gaps between the wood or siding trim and the roof shingles, giving the roof a smooth clean edge line.

Not all drip edge is the same.

There are different types of drip edge for use on various roof styles as well as slightly different installation methods for differing areas of the roof.

A pre formed metal edge may work fine on a roof with crown moulding at the eave, but a steeply pitched roof may need a custom bent metal edgeing to fit the angles of the roof and gutter board.

Also, in areas of the country prone to ice and water damming issues, it is a better idea to install the drip edge sandwiched between two layers of ice and water shield membrane than to install the edging under the membrane.

Drip edge:  



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