Installing Snow Guards


Snow guard installation on a historic barn restoration.

Restoration and Repairs by
Dennis M. Crookshanks Const. Inc.
12052 Clark Rd.
Chardon, Ohio 44024

This barn roof was was recently installed using Vermont green slate and included new half round copper gutters and snow guards. Unfortunately the installation was insufficient to handle a snow slide typical for this region of the country. The roofing contractor did not install enough snow guards, and the ones installed were not strong enough for the conditions. These are standard galvanized steel snow guards. On a lower pitch roof, they would have been sufficient if there had been at least three rows. But on a steep slate roof, at least three rows of a stronger snow guard is required.


At the other end of the roof, at the valley and gable roof extension, the roofing contractor neglected to install snow guards. The result was a copper gutter torn off it's brackets and ripped apart at it's seams. The leaf guards were torn off as well and a few slate were broken.


More damage is seen under the gutter. The copper brackets that hold up the half round gutter were bent out of round by the force of the snow hitting the top front of the gutter. These will need replaced as well.


New heavy duty cast bronze and copper snow guards have been installed and the copper gutter has been repaired. The customer opted for two different styles of snow guards for aesthetic reasons.



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