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     What causes ice dams?                               Ice dam on dhed roof

          Poor roof design

          Blocked soffit vents

          Poorly installed attic insulation

     How do you stop ice dam leaks?

          Removing roof snow

          Install temporary  heat tape

     How do you prevent ice dams? 

          Attic and roof ventilation


Photo at right; Ice dam caused by heat loss from poorly insulated attic.


Ice Dam | Leak in new addition

Finding a winter roof leak due to ice dams on a slate roof.


Ice dam roof leak on a new addition.This leak is showing up on the ceiling of the main house below the upper arrow and in between the lower arrows (pointing to the interior french doors connecting the main house to addition)


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Ice Dam | Temporary Heat Tape

A simple solution to temporarily relieve roof leaks due to ice dams.


When water is running down the interior walls of your kitchen, and you are wringing water soaked towels into the sink, the last thing you may be thinking about is long term ice dam prevention.

You want the water to stop and you want it to stop now!

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Ice in Gutter and Leaking Windows

Have you just had your roof replaced and still have ice dam leaks? 


Was the roofing removed to the wood decking?

Lots of ice and water shield installed?

New drip edge flashing, shingle under layment and new shingles installed?

Maybe even new windows as extra protection.

    You could have done all these preventative measures and still be getting ice dam leaks

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Ice Shield (ice guard)

How to install  ice and water shield to stop ice dam leaks. Ice shield installation picture


Ice and water shield, ice guard, water proof underlayment, self stick underlayment.

These are all terms for a rubberized asphalt sheet membrane intended to prevent water from ice dams penetrating your roof envelope and leaking into your house. Generally speaking, these materials perform as intended. When they fail, it's usually from improper installation.


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