Porch Roof Vents prevent Ice Dam


Preventing ice dams by installing knee wall vents above porch roof.

 This past winter, the porch roof shown here was covered in snow and ice in the gutter and on the lower edge of the roof. The ice buildup was causing water to back up under the roof slate and into the interior.

The porch originally was used only in the warm months as an outside sitting area. Subsequent owners enclosed the porch and added heating. As there was no attic insulation, in the winter the heat from this room would rise right through the attic and thaw the snow build up, causing ice dams at the eave and gutter. Insulation was added to the attic floor of the porch roof and these louvers were installed in the sidewalls to ventilate any remaining heat in the attic.

Porch roof with kneewall attic vent


Copper louver fabricated and installed to fit the wall of a porch attic space. These were installed on either side of the flat roof area to help ventilate both ends of the closed in porch and attic.


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